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Image by dusan jovic


I currently support LGBTQIA+, trans and GNC (gender non-conforming) teens 13+, young adults, and adults who are motivated in desiring connection with others and wanting to find a sense of belonging within themselves. Often, feeling alone and unsupported has a great impact on how we internalize our self worth, without spaces to challenge those internalized beliefs.

As an art therapist of over 6 years, my practice has grown to focus on the way we use alternative ways of expression to tap into healing work. Art therapy is similar to talk therapy, however the difference lies in that we will engage in more visual and somatic ways of expression, communication, and processing feelings.

Additionally, I work from trauma-informed, strengths based and gestalt approaches, including the use of person-centered and systems focused techniques. This means that I tend to focus on the here and now moments of expression to further support people in learning about how their histories and present day challenges impact how well they can understand themselves in relationship to others. 

My previous work as an in-home and outpatient therapist with teens and families has informed the way I approach individual work, specifically around ways to empower authentic self expression. Healing cannot be done on a solely individual level and systems of oppression contribute widely to what we view as mental illness. Community connection and validation is just as important to healing as individual exploration.

Land Acknowledgement

I would like to recognize the Nipmuc and Massachusetts tribal lands on which I hold my practice. I acknowledge the Indigenous peoples, past, present, and future, who cultivate and caretake this land known as Framingham and Metrowest Boston.

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